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Jan 12, at PM Author Bio As a Motley Fool Industrial Specialist, I use my marketing and business background in the automotive industry to evaluate major automakers and other large industrial corporations.

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Follow me on twitter for tweets about stocks, cars, sports, and anything I find amusing. Follow DanielMillerTMF It's weird to think that the following two things are true: The world is dominated by massive corporations with immense scale and wide reach and the lifespan of massive companies has never been shorter.

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The simple truth is that adapting is difficult, and the world will leave companies behind in the blink of an eye. Finding phenomenal stocks that you can buy and hold forever is increasingly difficult, which is why investors should consider these three juggernauts.

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Old dog brainstorming new tricks Amazon's surge onto the retail scene has been one of the more incredible business developments in history: it completely changed how the world buys products. Amazon has single-handedly caused many retail stores and chains to close their doors forever, but Walmart NYSE:WMT has proven capable of adapting to the new retail landscape and should remain a stock investors can comfortably buy and hold forever.

Once Amazon shook up the retail industry with its e-commerce prowess, Walmart knew it needed to move to an omni-channel retail strategy and bolster its e-commerce business. In a big move, Walmart snapped up Jet.

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Many investors won't recognize Jet. Since the acquisition of Jet. Image source: Walmart While Walmart's e-commerce growth is a huge part of investors' bullish thesis, the legendary retailer can't neglect the massive scale and brick-and-mortar network that helped shield it from Amazon's retail surge.

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What many investors overlook is that Walmart is already completely remodeling stores annuallyout of roughly 4, stores, in addition to thousands of special store projects. What's even more intriguing is how Walmart is evolving and considering new revenue streams, such as providing 5G antennas on its network of store roofs, on which other companies could rent space to build their network infrastructure.

Management is even considering allowing third parties to sell through its e-commerce website using its logistics, warehouses, and delivery network. It's this outside-of-the-box thinking that should intrigue investors and reassure them that Walmart has the forward thinking process to be one of the few retailers that can challenge Amazon and thrive long-term.

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Shining example of evolving If you're looking for companies that you trust to evolve and adapt over time, it sure helps you sleep at night if you choose a company that has already proven it can do so. The result was significant enough for management to quickly bump up its full-year revenue and earnings guidance.

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The recent quarter wasn't a one-hit wonder. New king on the block? It has characters and content that lure you to movie theaters, hotels, and theme parks, and can also keep you entertained at home streaming original content episodes with your favorite beverage in a Disney-themed cup with a Star Wars Death Star-shaped ice cube -- Disney has it all covered. Disney has proven its content is king, but here are a couple of reasons investors can buy shares and hold for the long term.

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Image source: Walt Disney Co. While many large companies fail to adapt to quickly changing markets, Disney has proven it can evolve with whatever the entertainment industry can throw at it. At a time when Disney's highly valuable ESPN entity is struggling with consumers cutting cable, the House of Mouse has proven it can adapt and succeed in new ways.

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At a time when content is king, Disney continues to develop movies, shows, and characters that people want to watch. Even if consumers continue cutting the cable cord, the company will find a platform to sell you its content successfully.

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Speaking of finding ways to sell you its content, Disney struck gold at the box office in Disney's success at the box office will likely continue for the long term thanks to Marvel and Star Wars films, and its success will only increase with Disney's acquisition of 21st Century Fox in March. Furthermore, the company's movie dominance will only bolster its in which shares to invest in 2020 launch into the streaming world as it continues to build its library of content.

Disney's launch into the streaming wars as a way to offset part of its cord cutting media woes shows investors its ability to adapt and evolve, something absolutely critical if you're going to invest and hold forever. While we've hardly been able to scratch the surface of why investors can buy and hold Disney shares -- remember it also boasts world-class theme parks, additional media entities, and even a healthy dividend -- remember that content is king and Disney has just about all in which shares to invest in 2020 angles covered.

Smart moves toward success Choosing brilliant stocks that can adapt, evolve, and thrive over the long term is increasingly difficult in the stock market today. Disney proved it had the capability, content, and talent to jump into the streaming wars and put industry stalwarts on notice.

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And Walmart is brainstorming out-of-the-box ideas for new revenue streams, while bolstering its e-commerce platform and reinforcing its already strong brick-and-mortar network. For those reasons, investors can be comfortable buying and holding these companies forever. Motley Fool Returns.

in which shares to invest in 2020